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Resetting client-side backup warnings?


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Most of the client machines on my network (some 80-100, approx.) have been generated client-side "You have not been backed up since blah blah blah, please contact your Backup Manager" messages for the past three weeks or so.




Of course, this is for users that *have* been backed up; I can verify this in the Log, the Report, and by restoring data from a particular backup.




Is there a way to reset the client-side warning for no backup? I don't want to turn the warning off, but neither do I want to reinstall the client on all the machines that are acting up.

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How about this one.

iMac running panther. it auto logs in to a user account. In the middle of the basic log in sequence it will pause to give the "You have not been backed up since blah blah" message. Endlessly. More than 40 minutes so far. The message autorefreshes, doesn't matter if I sit and click OK hundreds of times in a row.

Dantz wants me to pay $70 USD to discuss the matter further.

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