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Not allowing to restore to folder when using selec


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OK quick overview of my setup then i'll dive into my hiccup




using Retrospect Backup Server 5.6


using HP ultrium-1 SCSI (200GB)




i have a backup which i performed of a machine over the network when i go to the reports and list the contents for that backup, i choose the files or folders i wish to restore. Then hit the retrieve button or right click and click on retrieve. It opens up the restore window. and it has listed the destination as a certain machine (the wrong one) when i change the destination it says that it will destroy my selection criteria if i say ok. I say ok because i figure i can reselect the files. However it then goes and gives me a wierd selection criteria like files which match the word read. and it refuses to use the files i had previously selected.




Any thoughts.

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i could only get it to reproduce once on a very specific backup set.


After running a couple of backups (1 recycle, 2 normals) i tried the


bakup set again and it worked as normal. I can no longer duplicate this


problem myself.




When it was occuring what it would do is i would go in to reports and


then into contents under the specific backup i chose the files from the


browser then clicked on teh retrieve button it would pop up the restore


window i would notice that the estination was some machine on my


network, but not the one i wished to restore to. I changed the


destination and it would reset my selection criteria. It seemed to set


it to my last used selection criteria for a restore. I then went in and


deleted the client that it was trying to restore to. It changed to a


different machine but again when i tried to point it to the correct


destination it reset my selection criteria.

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