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I have been backing up different types of data from zip files dwg. to jpegs. and txt , doc, ppt and so on . My question is.. that on all of my backupa wether it's to a file or a dat drive the compression seem to be around 24 to 37% is that normal? I had about 31gigs of data and backed up to a file on a local drive (not over the network) and it compressed to about 24.2 gigs with 24% compression.. I deleted all the zip files ( about 10gigs worth) and tried it again and out of 20.8 gig worth of data it compressed to about 13 gigs with 37% compression. The main reason I ask all this is because on a my dds4 dat drive I am using a 20 gig tape that compresses to 40gig or something like that and when I back up to it with the 31gigs of data it kicks out the tape at about 23 to 24 gig, then asks for another tape. Does all this seem norm?







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