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Trouble Communicating


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I have two Dell GX150s that must have frequent reliable backups. I want to back the first with the second and vice versa using file backups to second (D:) hard drives. I can't do a 2.7 gig full backup either way. I get the "trouble communicating" message at various points in the backup. Both machines communicate over their peer-to-peer network with each other, a laptop, and a third computer, share a broadband internet connection, and show no other diagnostic problems. I've updated their on-board 3Com 3c920 NICs (An OEM implimentation of the 3C905C) with the latest drivers, swapped cables, router, etc. I've even cabled them together with two different crossover cables (cat 5+ twisted pair). I've learned through hard experience that Restrospect is verrrry fussy ("We want to be sure that your backup is accurate"), but this is getting a bit much. Under the heading "The worst backup is no backup" I'm about ready to jump ship, anyone have a suggestion that I haven't considered?

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How are they formatted? If you get properties on the destination drives, how much space is available? Is this the first backup or is it an incremental?




Note that you can get an error 102 if there isn't enough room on the destination drive, or if the file size is approaching the maximum file size allowed on the drive. FAT drives limit files to 2 GB, FAT 32 drives limit files to 4 GB. NTFS drives have a file size limit of 1 terabyte. If your backup set approaches this limit, you can see this error.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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