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When going from LAN to wireless, client loses connection

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I have observed this many times in Retrospect 5.x. The user (a G4 powerbook for example) starts on the LAN, gets connected and a few backups are successful. Then the user switches to the wireless AP. The user gets a 2nd IP address for the wireless card. Retrospect gets completely confused - the uesr cannot be backed up.


The solution is for the user to reinstall the Retrospect client. The server has to delete the user, find it in "network" in retrospect (or manually enter the new IP), then add that user back to any scripts they were previously part of. This workaround is more than impractical.


Is there any solution for this problem within Retrospect 5.x?


Was Retrospect 6.x built with the ability to handle computers that move from the LAN to wireless?


Will upgrading to v6.x solve this issue?




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Hi J,


Upgrading to 6.x will probably not resolve this for you. The problem here is that the client is going to continue attempting to respond over the address it had previously defaulted to.


Depending on what OS this client is on I may have a few suggestions you could try out, so, what client OS? While we're at it, what server OS?

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It's a powerbook with 10.3.9, conenected to 10.2.8 Server running Retrospect 5.0.238.


I ended up successfully finding a work around, which was to assign the same ip address to the mac via wired and wireless routers.


I then pulled the Netgear MR814 wireless router and replaced it with a Netgear WRG614v6.


I am curious what your other suggestions would have been.




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