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Disk Warrior directory rebuild

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We have Retrospect 5 running on an OSX Server (10.3.8), using an Ultrium tape drive system for backup. We have 5 volumes being backed up. Yesterday, one of the volumes went down. Today, I ran Disk Warrior on the volume and got it back up and running.

Now, however, Retrospect doesn't "see" the volume - I have to re-add it to the scripts it is in. As a consequence, it nows wants to back up every bit of data again, instead of just the one or two gigs that are new.

The date stamps all seem fine on the data. Is it because the directory file for the drive is brand new?

This is a potential problem, because I need to get this data backed up in case the drive dies again, but if it has to do all 450GB, it may not make it. It would be far better if it just added the latest data.


Now, not to be rude, but I've posted here before and never get an answer to my question. Instead, I am asked unrelated questions about the versions of software, the model of tape drive, stuff that doesn't matter. In this case, in particular, none of that matters. I simply need to know if Retrospect gets it's file data from a drive's directory or from the actual files, and/or if there's a way to get it to bypass the directory and get it from the actual files.


Thank you!


Jason Pierce

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