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Losing connectivity when verifying...

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I just arrived here, and am administering a file server. Backup seems to work OK, but when verifying (either manually or right after a backup), all machines lose connectivity to the server-- file serving for Mac + Windows XP clients, webserving, etc. The server runs fine, although it is unable to connect to browse the web as well (although the network status is that is OK and connected to the internet). Puzzling, and a big problem. Any ideas? Here's what we've got:


* Retrospect (full version) 5.0.238

* Mac OS 10.3.9 (NOT OS X Server)

* G4/400 + SCSI

* LaCie/Quantum DLT1


Thanks very much,


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Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I took a look at the settings, and the ethernet it is currently set to HALF DUPLEX, not full. I'm not sure if that's relavent here, but it seemed a little odd. Unfortunatly I don't have any history on the system to know why. The SCSI card is an ATTO, it looks like whatever model Apple shipped as an upgrade for the Sawtooth G4/400 when it came out. I'll have to check the model to be sure, can't get to the card at the moment.


If there's any other ideas, please do let me know-- This is holding up quite a bit of stuff!




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