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Client not visible on network error 1028-

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Hi !

I have retrospect server 5.0 intall on mac OSx, my problem is that,

when i want to bakcup 1 computer in particuler (mac os 10.3 with retrospect client 6.0)

he said ERROR 1028-client not visible on network. can you help me ????


I wanted to update my retrospect server 5.0 to 5.1 but he want a license code, which one ???

Do i have to pay for the update to 5.1 ??? grin.gif


Thank u, i'm to discourage. smirk.gif

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A couple questions:

1. Are you able to ping the client machine to see if it is accessible over the network?

2. Have you checked to see if port 497 has been enabled on your client machine.

Please see this KB article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=1021&p=2


You can use the Network Utility under MacHD > Applications > Utilities > Network Utility to run a Ping and a Port Scan.


If you are running OSX, you should upgrade to 6.0 and it is a paid upgrade.

I would recommend downloading a trial version first: http://www.dantz.com/en/products/trial_terms.dtml?platform=macintosh&edition=desktop

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This sounds like the same problem I am seeing.

I have retrospect 5.0 running on a 10.2.6 Mac and have been using it with a variety of Mac OS9 and PC clients for some time now.

The problem I am seeing is that the retrospect 5.0 client on my kids' Mac Mini's (OS 10.3) is only staying "on" for 10 seconds or so before switching itself off with a message about needing to enter a password.

During that short period of time I can see the client in my host "configure network clients" window, but I can't even log-in to the client or set it up.

My license codes are all good and there are extras available.

I have the retrospect port 497 checked off, and have also tried with the firewalls on both computers off. Appletalk is active, and I can successfully ping each machine (they are in the same subnet). The client was installed by the administrator user on the Mac Mini, and the hard disk/folders are set to allow file sharing etc.

Could this be some kind of OS 10.3 permissions problem that is kicking-in and turning off the retrospect client when it tries to access the network?

Does anyone know a work around or fix for this?

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Hello & thank you for your reply!


I have only installed the 5.0 client on the Mac Minis, because all the client license codes I have are for 5.0.


It sounds like 5.1 will fix the problem.


Do I need to purchase additional 5.1 client license codes, or can I download the 5.1 client and use my 5.0 license codes?


Thanks for any info.


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