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Hi everyone,


I have been using Retrospect 5.1 server happily for the last 9 months on an eMac, but recently it has started to lock up or freeze after finishing a backup server script, displaying "polling". If I click on the window, all I get is a spinning wheel and the machine takes 10 mins if I am lucky before the server is paused and allows me to quit the script. More often I have to force quit the application and restart retrospect to allow it to progress to the next script.


Any ideas why this is happening ?


I have also tried installing 5.1 server on my new G5, running OS 10.3.8 server. I have copied over the /library/preferences/retrospect/retroconfig(5.0) configuration file to keep all the scripts and backup sets in the migration. However, I still get exactly the same behavoiur, with retropsect freezing at the end of the nightly script.


Running top from the command line reveals that Retrospect is taking up 0 % CPU.


System 1:

eMac OS 10.3.8, with all the latest patches

512 MB of RAM

80 GB HD



System 2:

G5, single CPU, 10.3.8 server with all the latest patches. Only running the firewall service, NO AFP or Samba etc.

1GB of RAM

2 X 250 GB SATA HD


On the G5, it takes several mins to wake the display once Retrospect has entered this state. All power saving setting, other than the display, are set to never turn off.




Lacie AIT-2 Firewire drive

Lacie 500GB BigDisk Firewire drive



5.1.177 Server

Driver update 4.3.103


Any ideas would be very much appreciated.





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Thanks Nate,


I am in the slow process of upgrading to Retrospect 6, I have the licence for the server edition, just need to finish my latest backup sets and finish upgrading the remaining OS 9 machine. As I understand it I can recover data from Retrospect 5 backup sets, but not append to them.


Does Retrospect 6 work with the 5 client or do I have to upgrade all the clients ?


Also is there a Retrospect 6 client for Windows NT ?


Many thanks



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