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Files mistakenly marked for backup

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I am running Retrospect Desktop 5.1.177 on a Mac that runs both Panther (10.3.4) and OS9 (9.2.2). When I try to back up in OS X to a catalog created in OS 9, Retrospect reports ALL files need backing up, even though those files had already been backed up in OS 9. Doing a Get Info on any of these files in OS 9 and in OS X reports exactly the same information re: creation time, modification time, etc., except in OS 9 it shows Marked and Matched icons, and in Panther just a Marked icon. In fact, if I browse in Panther the snapshot created in OS 9, it shows that the files HAVE been backed up. But for some reason, a "Match" is not made to the files as seen in Panther to the catalog snapshot.


Either I have to back everything up again, or switch back to OS 9 do to the backup. This error is repeatable and consistent whether my source drives are SCSI or internal. I am up to date with all Retrospect software and drivers and disk drivers. I have not moved onto Retrospect 6.0 because I need full backward compatibility with OS 9; and furthermore, I have heard of similar problems with version 6. At our facility, this is the last obstacle to fully migrating from OS 9 to OS X. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!



-Fred Katz

Omega Recording Studios



Mac G4 1.25 GHz

1.25 GB RAM

Retrospect Desktop 5.1.177

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This is normal. The change in OS will change some of the attributes that Retrospect uses to determine if the files have changed or not. Your best bet is to run your backups in OSX. Or you could do something like this:


Back up specific data folders in OS9

Back up the full system in OSX

You will get some overlap of the files you backed up in OS9 but it shouldn't be too bad.



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