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Net Retry stops Retrospect indefinitely

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I have a site running Retrospect Workgroup 6 under Mac OS 10.3 on a dedicated G4 Cube backing up to external hard drives using Backup Server mode. The solution works great, with one exception:


Many of our users run laptops, also Mac OS 10.3, and when they close the lid on their machines -- or if the machines suddenly go off-line for any reason, laptop or otherwise -- the Retrospect server goes into "Net Retry" (as I would expect)... but it never leaves; in the log it looks like this:


- 12/14/2004 10:34:42 PM: Copying Nath's HD on Nathalie’s Computer…

12/14/2004 10:34:42 PM: Connected to Nathalie’s Computer

12/16/2004 6:32:31 PM: Execution stopped by operator.

Remaining: 152 files, 775.2 MB

Completed: 105 files, 284.3 MB, with 19% compression

Performance: 0.1 MB/minute

Duration: 43:57:49 (07:27:00 idle/loading/preparing)


Notice that the server waited for TWO DAYS for her laptop, until I came along and stopped it; meanwhile, nobody got backed up that whole time.


This has been an issue for many months across multiple clients, and I'm pretty well stumped; any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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