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Using a 2 TB firewire back up RSPT 5.x on OSX

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So we are trying to back up our network to a raided drive comprised of 2, 1 terabyte lacie drives. We are using retrospect 5.x and are having 0 success.


We are doing a file back up (trying to) and everything looks like it will work just fine. We were worried about exceeding a 1 tb limit with retrospect 5.x so we made 2 scripts. One to back up our machines, one to back up our shared network drives. This keeps everything under a terabyte.


Upon scanning the network drives It reports that there is only 14 gb on the network... our network has about 500 gb on it.. Anyhow.. aside from that the script doesnt run and says there is insufficient space and an additional 14 gb is needed..


So I guess i have two problems really..

1. that the space isnt being reported correctly,

2. doesnt seem to be recognizing our firewire drive.


Has anyone else used a firewire drive with retrospect 5.x that could shed some light on their settings and how they got it to work?


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Retrospect 5.x can't properly read 1TB volumes or create backups larger that 1 TB. It may be that your disks are too large for Retrospect 5.x to read properly.


Are you backing up the network machines via Retrospect client or filesharing? If you are using filesharing, have you configured Retrospect to automount the shared volumes?




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"Retrospect 5.x can't properly ... create backups larger that 1 TB"



Is this true? We're backing up 1.5 TBs to one backup set and everything seems to be okay. With Retrospect 5.x backup up multiple server volumes, Win 2000, mounted via AFP.


Please say it isn't so.



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