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Retrospect 5.0, Panther, and DVD-R

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I have Retrospect Express (5.0.238) for Mac OS X running on a 17" powerbook with a built-in DVD burner. I'm trying to back about 8 GB of data onto two blank DVD-R discs. I've got the newer drivers installed (3.6.106).


When I first put the DVD-R into the drive it asked me what I wanted to do (launch iTunes, launch iDVD, launch the Finder). I selected 'Finder' and saw an image of the DVD appear on the desktop. Then I switched to Retospect to start the backup and it kicked the DVD out of the drive but left the image on the desktop. I re-inserted the DVD and again got the 'what do you want to do with this disc' dialog, resulting in a second image on the desktop. While I was mounting the second disk, Retrospect started the backup process. When it was finished backing up the first 4.7 GB of data, it kicked the DVD out, and is now busily chugging away on the last 3.2 GB of data *with no DVD in the drive*


What the hell is this program doing? Is there any actual data written onto the first disc? Where does it think it's putitng the data that it's processing now? I've been backing up to CD for about a year, and now I think that I should just keep backing up to CDs unless someone can tell me how to work around this inexplicable and eccentric behavior.



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Make sure to keep the disk out of the drive until Retrospect actually asks you for it. Once the finder grabs the disk it won't let go so that Retrospect can write to it. As far as the continuous write with no media I have to admit I'm stumped. My only guess is that it results from Retrospect and the finder fighting over the disk.



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