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"Erased Tape" message when the tape was not erased- where is my data?

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Panther has been so reliable that I have not needed to restore any data until today. But now that I need it, my carefully planned back-up scheme will not work.


Specifically, I use Retrospect to restore a subset of my data. It asks me to put in tape #2 to read in the selected files. Unfortunately, in the "Please insert tape #2 window", it says that Tape # 2 is erased. Obviously, I never erased this crucial tape with data on it. In addition, in the configure window, Retrospect tells me that Tape #2 has 13.0 G on it and that it was last accessed on 12/21/03 (I'm on Tape #4 now). The whole process seems to have been working great on my twice-a-week backups.


If anyone can help me find my "lost" data, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!



Mac G4 867 MHz


Retrospect 5.1.167

Ecrix VXA-1 2A6A, Unit Software Version 10483, using 33GB tapes

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Do other tapes show up as "erased" also? Can you restore data from them?@When you look at properties for the tape in the members tab does it have an asterisk by it's name?


It could be a bad tape, it could also be a labeling mixup. Are there any other tapes with the same name in your other set?





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