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5.0238 and panther. ok? catalog locked.

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i have an external firewire drive dedicated to backing up several systems in my house. i've installed 5.238 onto it and move it between my systems to back up data.


additionally, i've set up scripts to run each backup that i regularly do. this all worked fine in os 10.2.


i've just recently upgraded everything to 10.3 and am now having trouble.


i plug in the firewire drive to my system, double-click on the script for that system and i get the error:


'sorry that run document failed. script scriptname is not defined.'


and, when i open retrospect by hand, and double-click the catalog for that backup i get some basic info about the catalog--but, i see no way to actually run the backup.


if i create a new backup using that catalog, i get the error:

'Can't add to backup set Bender-Whole Drive 0803: The catalog is locked.'


any suggestions? this program used to be easier than CCC. but, its worthless if i cannot rely on it.


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When doing a backup with a file backup set, Retrospect will sometimes report "Catalog locked" errors. To fix the problem, please try the following:


1) Using Apple's Disk Utility, attempt to repair the permissions on the disk containing the Backup Set


2) Use Retrospect to rebuild the catalog. Go to Tools>Repair>Repair File Backup set in Retrospect and recreate the catalog file. Ignore the warning that the catalog does NOT appear damaged and continue the rebuild process.


3) If needed, try reformatting the destination hard disk. Warning: This will delete all data on the disk and will require you to create a new backup set.

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