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Usually, after my backup script runs overnight, it is completed by the time I check it in the morning. But sometimes, it seems to hang up on one person and there is a little window that says "Net retry" and lists a user and an IP address. When this happens, no one after that user gets backed up. So if this happens on the 9th or 10th user out of 100, that's a big problem.


Any advice for this issue?



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I don't see how this will help. It is currently set at "0". The problem is that the server is getting hung up while trying to connect to a client and then it continues "net retry" until I manually close the script.


Any other good tips?



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You are correct. That hidden preference is speed threshold for after a connection has been established. 0 is equivalent to no threshold.




There is also a feature that tests the client connection before the backup starts. It is in the script options under client execution.











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I don't see how this will help. It is currently set at "0".



The default is null, which is the same as not having the feature at all.


To take advantage of the feature you need to populate the field with a value, below which you want the client to be abandoned.


for example, if you set this value to 9000 you'll find that every client is skipped, while if you set it to 1 you'll probably find that only the most stubborn clients are skipped. Take a look at the speeds of your clients in general, and set this box to a value _less_ then your slowest successful client execution. That should work.



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