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Upgrade from 10.x to Panther: Retroclient lost admin rights

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Hello, everybody!


Recently, one of the users upgraded her station from 10.2.x to Panther. As an expected result, Retrospect refuses to run, claiming that "the client was installed without administrative rights". I assume it caused by much needed security updates in Panther.


I can reinstall the client, but then the catalogue will see it as a new client, i.e., will push everything to the tape. I would rather avoid it.


Is there any workaround known that will allow me to tweak with rights of _previously_installed_ Retrospect?


I would love also to hear that OS X and Linux clients do not require anymore root rights _on_access_. It's hard to explain to the security-conscious user that I promise to forget her password immediately...


Best regards!

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gkowalsky6 said:



I can reinstall the client, but then the catalogue will see it as a new client, i.e., will push everything to the tape. I would rather avoid it.




Actually this is not true. The data is still on the tape, so it will NOT copy it all over again just because the client has been reinstalled.

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My apologies: I was not clear in my posting.


My situation's the following:

- Retrorspect server's prefs went belly-up. After making a new prefs, I recreated all scripts, reentered into the database existing catalogues, reentered the clients, run verifications, etc.

- One of the users at the same time run an upgrade of her 10.2.x station to the Panther. I do not want to go here on a ~$130 rant...


After the upgrade, the Retroclient did not want to run, complianing that it "was installed without administrative rights". I suspect the OS might be right - as far as I know, root privileges are reset to some extent during the upgrade.


So, my question is: what can be done to tell the OS that the cleint _was_installed with admin rights?


Now, my _scripts_ are new, but the catalogues are old. I.e., if I am reinstalling the client, even with the same parameters, my assumption that Retrospect will see it as completely new entry (seen it on one of WXP Pro recently, earlier - on Linux). I.e., I'll end up with one more copy of user's files on the tapes (~40GB, half-a-backup window). In addition, when (not if...) I will need to restore, I'll have to compare _two_filesets.


If it is not the case, please make me happy by telling that...


Thank you in advance,

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Based on my experiences, you should be mostly OK.


It all hinges on whether Retrospect can figure out that it's the same disk as before. If the client has the same name and IP address, it should not matter that the client was reinstalled nor the catalogue regenerated from the backup tape. Changing the client password should not matter, either.


The operating system having been reinstalled, the system files will have changed (if you back them up), so you'd be in for a few GB but not 40 GB of file updates. On the other hand, if the user reformatted the disk partition so it has a new initialization date, then Retrospect would see every file as changed, because then it would be a new disk. Renaming a disk volume might also have this effect. If the user did an Archive and Install, the old system will have been saved in the /Previous Systems folder; depending on your matching options this may cause all those files to be recopied or just a catalogue update.


-- Spencer

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