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Retrospect hangs while backing-up over network

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A newbie here. Howdy.


In one room I have a G4 (OS 10.4.6) running Avid Media Composer software reading media files from an internal ATA drive. All is good.


In the other room I have a G4 (OS 10.4.7) running Retrospect 6. From this room, I accessed the AVID drive over the network and made it a back-up source. My destination is a Seaquest FW drive.


Every time I attempt to back up the Avid drive over my network, Retrospect hangs when it gets to one particular media file. It's a 2GB media file and it plays within the Avid, so I don't think it is corrupt.


I don't get a Retrospect error message, the app just hangs (spinning beach ball). If I force quit, I have to rebuild the catalog file and back up again, but the same thing happens.


Any ideas? What other info can I give y'all?

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First, just to be thoroughly specific, while the Avid drive is the Source, your Destination is a Backup Set, not an individual volume.


- Is this a File Backup stored on the FW drive? Or is it a Removable Backup Set with the FW drive being used as the first Member of the Set?


For a test, I'd make an empty folder on the AVID drive, and duplicate the suspicious file into that folder.

Then, from Retrospect, Define that folder as a Subvolume, and use it as your Source.


Try and back it up to the existing Backup Set.

Try and back it up to a new Backup Set


Any different behavior from the original?



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Thank you both for the advice.


As it turns out, I was NOT using Client to access my Avid drive (I mounted it over the network), but after I did the back-up went smoothly; with the exception of an error -40 which is not explained in the Help file. In any case, I can live with errors as opposed to crashes, so...


Thanks again!

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