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Retrospect 6.1.126 won't launch

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I also am having the same problem on another Ibook and PB



Given the limited amount of information provided, the fact that you are seeing this on three different Macs suggests some difficulty in the screen-to-keyboard interface.


- If you enter a random string instead of a valid admin password, do you see the same behavior?


- Are the passwords the same, or do they have things in common, across all three machines?


- Have you yet successfully run Retrospect on any of these machines? Have you provided serial numbers yet?

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I did a restart on my main Ibook and it will now open.


I will be checking the other two later.


It would not take a random string-- it would tell you bad password


Yes I have used the program before with this machind.


I will post back if the problem is not solved

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