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help!!!~no backup clients found

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Something really strange happened this afternoon with the Retrospect Client on my MacBook Pro 17... I'd returned home after several weeks on the road, and noticed that it still wasn't backing up (it's set to back up to the server in the office). I opened the Retro Client software on my MacBook and it asked for a password. I gave it the password it was installed with, but it immediately turned itself back off repeatedly, so I reinstalled. (Client 6.1.130). Client now runs just fine, but is waiting for first access. From the server machine, it says "No backup clients found". I've gone to the knowledgebase and done everything it says in Article 5643 (Troubleshooting in OSX) under TCP/IP and Client Troubleshooting. The only thing that's not making sense is where it says to go to Process Viewer and look for pitond. I don't find Process Viewer in my Utilities folder, but I do find Activity Monitor. When I go there, pitond doesn't show up. Can someone please help? I've gotta leave again tomorrow and would love to get this machine backed up before then.


Thanks in advance!

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Two more bits of info... I tried to install Apple's recent security update and it crashed my machine, like it's been doing to a lot of people, so I had to reinstall the system from DVD, so everything's fresh. Also, I just repaired disk permissions, to no effect.


Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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hi sam,


go into your System Preferences and then to the Network preference pane. check that the network that you are trying to back up is the top one listed.


for example, if you are trying to backup over the Built in Ethernet, but the Wireless connection is the topmost, simply click and drag the Ethernet to be the topmost. i can't remember if you'll need to reboot (the laptop) after changing this, but it could not hurt.

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