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retrospect `6.1.126, adriver, atto scsi card, vxa-320 drive, os X 10.4.5


Retrospect was giving me "not enough memory" when I tried to restore from one of the tapes. Other tapes work fine. After restart no more "not enough memory" error. Now it says: retrieving, than execution completed successfully" without even asking for the tape. It does that no matter if the tape is in the drive or not.


Any clues?



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you can highlight the 'Member' (tape) of this backup you are looking for and click, 'Set Found'.



Not if it was a backup set created prior to 6.1. Retrospect has a design error in that those "read only" backup sets can be marked with set missing but never can subsequently marked "set found."



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hi derek,


to explain how this happened i'd have to be looking over your shoulder when the problem occurred. i think your question is, "does Retrospect set members to 'missing'", and my answer is no, not in my experience.


glad the fix worked for you though.

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