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  1. no. I have one machine (OS X Server) that is the client (source). iMac 20" intel is the backup server (destination). client has 6 external drives. each drive is setup as a separate duplicate script. 5 scripts wok properly and one it's not. all scripts are identical.
  2. I used to do duplicates like this for years without any problems. Till last week I was running retro 5.1 on G5 under Panther. This week I switched to 20"iMac intel with Tiger 10.4.7 and retro 6.1. I noticed duplicating is still running in the morning when I get back to work. Whout this new iMaxc had anything to do with it? Derek
  3. I have OS X Server with 6 external drives, which is defined as a client. I duplicate 6 client volumes each to a different FW HD over the network. all scripts are setup the same. Souces is Volume A, B, C, D, PS and Rip in each of the scripts. The problem I have is with RipVolume, which is defined as"RipVolume on Server3", destination is another FW HD, in this case "Black_BU_Rip". Replace entire contents is picked on all scripts. Besides this in options I have Verification OFF and don'tt backup FileVault sparse images. All scripts are identical except time, source and destination. Scripts to backup Vol A, B, C, D and PS are NOT erasing content prior to duplication. RipVolume script erases destination and then copies everything. I erased this script and re-did it again - still erases destination before duplicate. Derek
  4. my duplicate backup over GB network is about 18MB/sec from OS X Server to ext FW HD. Derek
  5. I don't have LTO . I am running "duplicate" script and I am getting 1100MB/min on GB switch to external FW HD. On My VXA-3 single tape drive (scsi) on older g4/866 mac I am getting 700MB/min. All Macs running Tiger 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 and Retro 6.1.126. 1100MB/min is a bit over 18 MB/sec. It's not bad. I don't thing you will ever get over 30 MB/sec. (1800MB/min) Helios utility show that speed (write/read over GB from my server (OS X Server 10.3.9, G5-dual 2Ghz tower) is about 40MB/sec. or 2400MB/min Derek
  6. I have issues with one of my scripts. I have 6 scripts to duplicate (replace all content) of mounted afp volumes. my source is Retro client and my destination is local HD on my Intel 20" iMac. 5 scripts duplicate ONLY changes (that's what I want) and one script erases all content and replaces all files (430GB) every night. All scripts are identical. I am not sure what is wrong. My iMac has OS X 10.4.7, Retro 6.1.126, RDU, client (OS X Server, 10.3.9), Retro Client 6.1.130. How can I have my duplicate script only duplicate changes? Derek
  7. Thanks. IT WORKED. I have a question: How did this happen? Can it happed on "its own" as a computer error, or there must be human intervention eg. someone has to click somewhere to "set this as missing"?
  8. Where can I set this tape to "not missing"? Yes, some files have "poof" icon on this tape. Log says: Reported missing by user. What should I do?
  9. retrospect `6.1.126, adriver, atto scsi card, vxa-320 drive, os X 10.4.5 Retrospect was giving me "not enough memory" when I tried to restore from one of the tapes. Other tapes work fine. After restart no more "not enough memory" error. Now it says: retrieving, than execution completed successfully" without even asking for the tape. It does that no matter if the tape is in the drive or not. Any clues? Derek
  10. Try BackBone NetVault software. This way you will know if this is a Retrospect issue. They have 45 days free trial. PacketLoader is supported by NetVault. This is what Exabyte suggested for me when I was looking to buy VXA-320 Packetloader.
  11. It is working now. I did not have the same user on both machines. I installed client and setup user "sysadmin" on both server and client. Now client is getting backed up. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. Thank you for your reply. This is the error that I get: Can't access volume Office_Files on Mas90, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) I have Retrospect 7.0249. I followed kb article to run as a specified user and no success.
  13. I was using retrospect on mac for many years and it worked OK. I setup recently one windows machine. It is Dell XP Pro backing up another Dell XP pro. It only backs up when I log in as a user. How should I make it backup, so retrospect works even if noone is logged in at night? Derek
  14. I am about to setup a backup of my OS X Server from my home to have protection in case of a disaster. I live in New York City and we may have arabic country controlling our ports soon I read in newspaper today. What king of a software do I need? Will retrospect handle such thing. What about encryption? Does anyone has any experience with remote backup or remote duplicate? Derek
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