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Open File Backup and Outlook PST Files

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Does anyone know the solution or any decent workarounds for a Macintosh 6.1 Backup Server looking at Windows XP SP2 client which use Outlook 2003. We simply need to back-up the Outlook mail store (.pst) but when Outlook is opened then this file is in use and Retrospect won't back it up.


As it is a Backup Server and the clients are laptops then I need this to automate during working hours.


Any suggestions or previous experience?

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Sounds like the answer I expected, what is the future roadmap for Retrospect on Mac platform? It seems to have stalled in the last few years with not much development.


Lots of people are now raving about the BakBone solution, I've never thought about moving away from the beloved Retrospect, anyone any comparisons?

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"Tell the users to quit Outlook when they leave the PC"


This does not always 'close' the .pst file, any other options?


If we can access Retrospect Client for Windows from Mac OS X Retrospect 6.1 then why can't it be made to close files like the Windows version ? !


Seems a bit illogical or biased to me....

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