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  1. My Closing phase goes on for (I would guess here...) 40%-60% as long as the backup time, then it is followed by a duplicating state information process 10%-15% as long as the backup took. If there are files on the destination that are not on the source it reports errors (in the case of my FileMaker incremental backups folder 'sync/copy' Script that's in the 000's of file errors.)
  2. Hi NIgel, Thank you, I tend to do a backup in the office on the much faster LAN as often as they are in the office, but with COVID most employees are shelereing at home, and so I am relying on 'copy'* [new or changed files only] as it's over some slower Broadband WAN, some staff are on 8Mb down and 23 Mb up 😮 !! I am filtering our MacBook USER folders such as Music, Photos, Downloads, iMail, Caches... We do have some external drives attached, for onsite and offsite [removable] use. Just so we don't have One backup only 😮 🙂 And some in the OneDrive or DROPBOX , etc ... Cloud. We do have 500k to 2.5M files in these copy/Archives we are 'updating'* our backups to. Yes, there are a lot of small files for local Server HD to External HD; 30Gb to 190Gb on a Wed, Sat, Sun. ...but not so? for the USERs MacBooks HD over the WAN to Server HD's; 1Gb to 4Gb bi/tri-weekdaily. Hi David, Thank you, I must look more and do some knowledge/training tests into 'using the Recycle media action on a Backup script'. We do have Mac Sharing on this Mini-Mac Server running Retrospect Server. I have that set to SMB [as AFP sems rather unstable] so maybe that is where the Windows processes are being recognised? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess we just have a lot of files! And Im do a lot of copies on.off site... because I worry 🙂 But saving time on comparing file states or thorough verification is the best help or time-saving I can see at the moment?
  3. We don't have the space for incremental backup ... 30% of the files change almost daily ... it would soon fill even large drives. A backup Worm might work, but I;ve never figured that one out yet.
  4. Thank you Nigel, and apologises for forgetting specs: All Macs OSX Mojave 10.14.latest Retrospect 17.0.latest for both Client and Server Copying from Mac HD Client to Mac HD Server. Either on the LAN or over the WAN. Nothing Windows involved.
  5. 'duplicate state information' I cannot see where to turn this off. I think I do have it off 😮 It adds soooo much time to a full backup run. I'd rather live without it set especially over remote backups.
  6. I've been through the User Manual and there is no explanation of these 3 options. https://www.retrospect.com/uk/documentation/user_guide/mac/quick_start#restore Can someone explain them please?... see screenshot. 'Only overwrite older files' from experience just Restores the whole folder contents from the Backup Tapes again and makes no intelligent decisions on the files/folders already in the restore destination folder.
  7. Waiting on a more senior viewpoint and conclusion from Retrospect Support directly.
  8. ISSUE : MAC OSX Retrospect Single Server for Mac Version 17.0.0 (149) MiniMac 2020 i4 Quad 32Gb Ram Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.latest Retrospect Client for Mac Version 17.0.0 (149) supplied by my Reseller Dashboard with linked Retrospect keys MacBooks in the Wild 🙂 Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.latest It all appears setup perfectly fine and the Clients appear automatically back on the Retrospect Server in Sources. But when I browse to add a Volume or Folder (hopefully) but ... nope, cannot find Client. ANSWER : MAC OSX Ensure you have added the RetrospectInstaScan and Retrospect Client into System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy. Turn on InstaScan too 😞 #memoryhogg Reboot Try again √ 🙂
  9. Mac OSX Mojave.latestRetrospect for Mac Single Server Version 17.0.0 (149) iMac i7 8 Core 2018 48GB Ram Toggling Engine and OFF/ON did not solve the issue. Toggling Engine AND InstaScan OFF/ON alleviates the issue, temporarily. BUT not everyone runs InstaScan as it is a terrible Memory Hog! So, hopefully a focus on InstaScan being OFF helps?
  10. Mac OSX Mojave.latest Retrospect for Mac Single Server Version 17.0.0 (149) In /Library/Application Support/Retrospect we only have (from r16.5.latest) Config80.dat ConfigISA.bak I remove those and did as directed and Retrospect v17 still freezes saying Connecting. THIS IS A REALLY SERIOUS ISSUE. Can we have an immediate resolution please.
  11. The Forum heading Server, SBS and Multi Server For general discussions of Retrospect Server, Small Business Server and Multi Server. Also use this topic to discuss the add-on products: Open File Backup, Disaster Recovery and Proactive Backup. All Versions Is far more apt English than broadly Retrospect 9, to be precise. But I will go and look at your link, thank you.
  12. I cannot add some Folders to my Favourite Sources. I have checked permissions, restarted the Retrospect App, stopped/started Retrospect engine. Mac OSX Mojave.latest Retrospect for Mac Single Server r17.latest
  13. Thanks David, I 'got around' the issue but turning off all the retrospect active tasks with activity manager and starting the client First. But like I say that 'got around' the issue, but with OSX Catalina in it's poor current state who knows what's next!? 😞
  14. For the last many months this has worked perfectly. Yes, both sites have the same version of Retrospect Server 16.5.1 What I call the CLIENT site also has Retrospect Client installed. The SERVER Site backs up over Retrospect Remote Backup just one folder on the CLIENT site. Like I say, this has worked perfectly until 6 days ago. It is not an issue of whether a Server backs up a Server licensing as it has worked this way for months AOK. JRP DATA and JRP DATA BU are removable drives that are stored offsite FYI 🙂
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