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Hi backing up to a harddrive- I get the backup to work four or five times before it stops. Often get error message to update the catalog. I do that and generally not a lot happens. Go back to run the script - it starts to read the first client then just quits. Doesnt appear to crash - just quits This is very frustrating- any clues?

running 6.0.212 and Mac OSServer 10.4.4

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Is there an error number accomponying the message to update the catalog? Are you using a tape or removable disk backup set? Is the hard drive ATAPI, SCSI, FireWire, USB? Are there any errors reported in the log when Retrospect quits?


A free update to 6.1 is available to anyone with a license for 6.0. You can download it here:


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it is backuped to a hard drive



Three questions asked, one answered.


If you want suggestions for resolving problems you're having, consider providing sufficient information for other community members to work with.


Things such as model of Macintosh, make/model of backup device, _exact_ Retrospect error message, Operations Log entries, CrashReporter log entries, etc, are all things that only you know.

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