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Add data to a partially used tape

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Greetings all -


I cannot figure out how to add to a partially written tape.


Is this not possible?



I have a directory (call it DirA) with 88G of images which I want to back up. I use X23 tapes from Exabyte and am gettting around 70G per tape.


I archive DirA and it uses one full X23 tape plus about 18G of tape #2. Now I want to proceed with archiving DirB, which has 95G of files.


What I hope to do is put in tape #2 and fill it with another 62G of data from DirB, but Retrospect is asking for an empty tape. Must I purchase some lesser capacity tapes or can I make this work?


Thanks if you can recommed a solution!



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Hi James,


Retrospect will continue writing to the same media until it is full as long as you have the same backup selected as the destination for the backup. If you are using the same destination and it still asks for a new tape, go to Configure>Backup Sets>Properties>Members and then get the properties for the second member. Ensure the options "Skip this member" and "This member is lost or damaged" are not checked.

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