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Error: Can't add that much data to backup set.

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I'm having trouble getting backups to run. Running on a G4 desktop, lots of RAM and HD space, backing up to external Firewire HD with 2 separate partitions, Backup A and Backup B. This backs up this G4 (Supermac), a Pismo Powerbook, and an iBook. I've been having trouble getting any of the Macs backed up. Previously, I was only using one of the Firewire partitions for backups and was getting this same message, so I erased the other partition and tried using it as a backup destination. Still won't run. Here's the error message from the log:


∆ Retrospect version 6.1.126

launched at 2/25/2006 8:01 AM

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version


+ Normal backup using Supermac backup at 2/25/2006 8:02 AM

To backup set Firewire Backup B…


- 2/25/2006 8:02:17 AM: Copying SuperMac…

While scanning volume SuperMac,

Folder SuperMac/Library/Printers/Canon/BJPrinter/Plugins/BJOutputModule/cnbao205.plugin/Contentó/,

Scanning incomplete, error -120 (folder not found).

Can't add that much data to backup set.

The limit is 976.6 T.

2/25/2006 8:24:21 AM: Execution incomplete.

Remaining: 218666 files, 16,384.1 TB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:22:04 (00:21:52 idle/loading/preparing)


2/25/2006 8:24:23 AM: Execution incomplete.

Total duration: 00:22:04 (00:21:52 idle/loading/preparing)

Quit at 2/25/2006 8:24 AM


Now, my harddrives are NOT terabyte in size. So, what is going on? Is that an offending file? I don't use a Canon printer, so I could delete that folder I suppose.



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I have seen issues with the Finder incorrectly reporting files sizes before. In one case the problem could be attributed to an Archive&Install of osX. If this is definitely the offending file and you're certain you don't need it, you are welcome to simply delete it.


If you don't want to delete it, you might try running a Repair Permissions in Disk Utility, and try moving the directory to another partition manually, then moving it back. This might force the Finder to recognize the correct amount of space used for this directory.

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