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how to backup from remote location?

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I am about to setup a backup of my OS X Server from my home to have protection in case of a disaster. I live in New York City and we may have arabic country controlling our ports soon I read in newspaper today. What king of a software do I need? Will retrospect handle such thing. What about encryption?


Does anyone has any experience with remote backup or remote duplicate?



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I would suggest that you don't want to do this without a VPN to give you security and privacy, but other than that it should work ... slowly.


Think about how much data you need to transfer, add say 25% for overheads, and then work out the time required given the bandwidth you have available. Don't forget that if using something like ADSL, the uplinkbandwidth out of the office is likely to be less than the downlink speed.


You may need to add the client by address as (depending on the network/vpn setup) the OS X server may not be in the same broadcast domain as your backup server.

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