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  1. I have it on a number of Debian machines. I manually pulled the files from the package and created (well adapted another) init file. You also have to install 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system. It makes a mockery of the claim to support Linux clients when really they don't - providing a couple of out of date installers that don't support the majority of installations doesn't really count IMO. There's no excuse (other than "can't be a**ed") for not providing 32 and 64 bit clients in both RPM and DEB formats which would cover the majority of current Linux systems.
  2. Not one for "me too" posts, but arrived at this thread after having to force-quit the server yet again. In m y case, it seems to happen any time I do something like browse a backup or if I've terminated an in-progress backup - I don't recall it having happened after a scheduled backup that completed normally.
  3. I vaguely recall a similar thread from some years ago. The only solution offered (apart from persuading the network admin that allowing selected subnet broadcasts didn't turn his expensive switch into a hub) was to add each possible remote address as a /32 subnet. Thus the server would check each address individually - hence creating more traffic (and more server load and delays) than if the network admin allowed selective broadcasts.
  4. Think I've got it now Here's a list of things I found. That didn't work : Using the preview which must be what I was looking at earlier. Using "folder" "unix path" "is like" "/store*/myth/*" That did work : Using "folder" "unix path" "is like" "/store1/myth/*" Using "folder" "unix path" "is" "/store1/myth/"
  5. Sorry for not getting back earlier - for some reason I didn't get notified of a reply IIRC (thinking back) I did try actually running the backup, not just looking at the preview. I'll have another look at it later when the engine isn't busy. I've since found a couple of other threads on similar problems - at least I'm not alone !
  6. Can someone help me with the format for unix paths in rules ? I've trying to setup a proactive script that will backup a Linux box, but exclude certain directories (loads of large TV recording files for MythTV). So I have a volume mounted on /store1, and within that a directory called myth that I want to exclude - but without excluding other random directories on the system that might be called myth. Also, for this script, I'm backing up /store1 on it's own. In rules I've selected Folder -> Unix Path -> is, and then the path I want to exclude /myth/ (relative to the mountpoint) and /store1/myth/ (relative to filesystem root) don't seem to work, so have I got the format wrong ? The manual days absolutely nothing about the format of what goes in the text box.
  7. Can you guarantee that we won't miss out on any initial upgrade offers (if there are any) by waiting ? I also need G4 support, I can't afford to buy an Intel based computer since I'm still using a SCSI attached tape drive.
  8. Hmm, sound like my problem as well :-( Hardware is Atto UL4D in Blue&White G3 with Tandberg SLR100 drive.
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