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Tape Erase Creates Incremental Problem

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I am backing up a Mac X Serve using Retrospect version 6.0.193


After I perform a full erase on an old tape to use again for a full back up, Retrospect will then not recognize my incremental tape when I place it back in the drive and run the script.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!





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With the information you provide, it's not clear exactly what you're trying to do.


What error message, if any, did you get from Retrospect?


How did you reset the backup set? Did you go to Configure> Backup Sets or did you run an immediate or scripted recycle backup? What kind of tape drive are you using, and how did you erase the tapes?


Are you performing the full backup and the incremental backup to the same backup set? Were you able to write to any members of the new backup set before you ran into your problem? Are all the tapes you're trying to use members of the same former backup set?

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