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Exclude Not Working

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To save space on my backup hard drive, I’ve scripted exclude filters on files that do not change, particularly my Macintosh “Pictures” folder.


But they are not being excluded and are backed up anyway in spite of the filter. I’ve tried: label, size above, path, folder name.


Please suggest what’s not working. Thanks.


[Retrospect version 6.0.204; Mac OS 10.3.9; 750MB RAM; backing up 60G from internal 8OG via Firewire to OWC HD 250G.]

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Since Retrospect by design won't copy files that have not changed, there is no need to make a Selector for the purpose you've stated. A Selecctor would be appropriate if you don't want to copy the files over at all.


You don't provide the details of the selector(s) you have used, so there is no way for readers of the Forum to comment.


Retrospect has a "check selector" option that can be used when construction custom Selectors. It works fastest when you use a folder that has been defined as a subvolume as your source to check.


Also make sure you haven't changed the preferences to stop Matching files; this would cause unchanged files to be copied each time.



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Thank you for your reply. I am trying to do Duplicate my internal drive excluding three large folders (to save space on my external HD). The script includes: everything except caches; and excludes (with standard selectors), the Music, Pictures, and Movies folders.


I get on my external HD almost the opposite of what I am looking for. I get the applications folder partially filled, the system folder partially filled, and the entire Music, Movie, and Music folders. What could be causing this? Do you think an update to 6.1 will fix this, or should I examine my thinking?



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