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dvd-rw not filling up

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I use OS X 1.4.4 with Retrspect for the mac v 6.1.126 with driver update—which I believe are all the latest updates. My problem comes into play when retrospect asks for a new disk when the previous disk contains <2 gig on a 4 gig dvd-rw. This has happened when I. I use memorex brand dvd-rw, so the disk itself should not be a problem.


What happens is I put in the partially used dvd-rw and retrospect won't take it. It says it is "unkown status". So, I then click on "missing" and started another dvd-rw. Problem is, next time I back up I get the same "unknown status" on this next disk and retrospect asks for a new disk. Since each back up is of the 800-990meg range, using cd's won't work.


All I want is retrospect to add to a 4 gig dvid-rw that has only 1-2 gig on it. So what do I do?


I have throughly reviewed the readme's, forums etc. The only thing I can see is something about making sure the dvd's are apple compliant. Which they are. When I stick them in to the Mac, without Retrospect running, the dvd icon pops on to the deskto and reads "untitled.fpbf".


The above has happened on brand new dvd-rw disks and previousily used dvd-rw's that I am trying to recycle. So what's up?



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