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v19.2 Mac - Retrospects sees two Macintosh HD

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Hi There,

I have an issue from time-to-time where Retrospect doesn't recognise drives or doesn't have access to them, so I have to forget and re-add them to sources.

Up until now, this only happened with external drives but now I see this with Macintosh HD. Retrospect just stopped backing-up the Macintosh HD saying it was missing. But when I checked sources, Retrospect now sees two Macintosh HDs with one of them being offline - see attached. The one highlighted is the new one.


To fix, I added the new Macintosh HD and removed the old one from the script - this is the internal drive on a laptop which hasn't been replaced in any way.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix?

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers, Ben


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Retrospect always does this when you do a MacOS update. It seems to modify the main drive when it does an interim or major system update.

All you have to do is remove the old drive with the wavey line next to it, add the updated drive, then re-instate your favourite folders (if any) and your script(s) with the 'new' drive, and off you go again. You've mostly done this already.

BTW, if you get info on your internal drive, you may see that it has changed it's version number, it often reflects your MacOS's version!


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@MikeHutch Thanks for that. So does it also do something slightly different that effects external drives as well?

I have a an ongoing issue where Retrospect no longer has access to the Catalogue, which lives on an external drive. See that last post in this thread here: 


At the time of that last post, it was happening regularly, now it happens from time to time. I discover that backups didn't run and have to re-locate the catalogue.

Any help or suggestions welcome.

Cheers, Ben


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