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  1. Thanks heaps for the reply. Yes, we're running version 12.5.0 (111). God knows why the screenshots didn't get attached, here's a dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5yg7aq5378by0q/retrospect-client.jpg?dl=0 I'm not a network guy so don't know if I can assign the static IP via the switch but I've manually assigned one in the client's network control panel. Again, the client shows up automatically but won't add via the 'auto' mode - or directly (or if I test the address). The Firewall is on for the server and I can see the Retrospect Engine is listed but I added the Retrospect app in there for good measure and also tried with the Firewall off. But nothing seems to work sorry - I always see 'No client found at that address'. I don't really understand why Retrospect can see the client but then not see it when it tries to add it? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi There, I'm trying to add a client but receive an error: No client can be found at that address (-519). The weird thing is that Retrospect can see the client - it shows up as soon as I click 'Add' from the sources area. I've removed Retrospect and reinstalled on the client machine and checked that the Firewall is off - I can also ping the client. See attached for adding, adding manually and testing screenshots. Both the backup machine and the client are running OSX 10.11.6 Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Ben
  3. Another issue which has always bugged me is that because you can have catalogues that may or may not be in Retrospect, the add and remove buttons should actually be labelled 'Create' and 'Delete' - these terms more accurately describe what they do. Then a new set of buttons labelled 'Add' and 'Remove' should be added to allow you to add and remove existing catalogues.
  4. Thanks heaps for the reply Michael - comments below... The issue I found is that the drive containing the catalogues wouldn't appear in the 'Locate' window. I could browse and access the drive in the Finder and via other areas of Retrospect but not in the locate window. I'm no expert (I'm a graphic designer) but after 15 years of managing our server, I no longer keep data on the server system drive if I can help it. This allows for a quick erase and restore via CCC to fix any system issues and means we're back up and running in a matter of minutes. I've spent days trouble shooting issues in the past so have found that restoring back to a snapshot way faster. As above, the drive containing the catalogues never appeared in the 'Locate' window. In the end, I just started again and lost the incremental backups of the last three months. A total bummer but the path of least resistance and all that. Cheers Ben
  5. Strangely, clicking the locate button now shows the drive that contains the catalogues so was able to add them that way - not sure why this disk wasn't seen by Retrospect previously. Cheers Ben
  6. Thanks heaps for reply Lennart, Have tried double clicking the catalogue file as well as dragging it into the Media Sets window but no luck. Is there really no way to add an existing catalogue? This seems a bit weird right? Cheers
  7. Hi There, We've just upgraded our server computer but all storage and backup disks are the same - only the server computer and OS drive is new. How do we transfer our existing catalogues over to the new server? 'Locate' won't even show the disk the catalogues reside on and 'Add' just creates a new one - but how do we get Retrospect to recognise an existing catalogue? Cheers Ben Retrospect 12.02 Mac OSX Server 10.10.5
  8. Hi There, The server had to restart before the Catalogue finished - I was rebuilding it to a new catalogue so have the original intact. I've searched everywhere for this but can't find an answer - how do you add a catalogue to retrospect? The Add button tries to create a new one and if I click location, then for some reason the drive that contains the catalogue doesn't appear in the dialogue box even though the drive is mounted on the server. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Ben
  9. Thanks for the reply, it happens with one media set so will try a Rebuild on this one also (we have a different issue with our other media set). Cheers
  10. Thanks heaps for your reply, have tried a Repair but no luck. With the Recatalog, I can't see that option - but I should select the Media Set and click Rebuild right?
  11. Hi There, We're having a weird issue with our backup set where: - Finder reports 6.4TB free on the disks - Retrospect reports 5.8TB free for the media set We've set the media to use 99% for Retrospect, hence the difference between Finder and Retrospect. But each time we try to run a backup, Retrospect asks for new media? Does anyone know what is going on here? Cheers Ben MAC OS Server 10.8.5 Retrospect 10.2.0 (201) Disk backups
  12. Hi There, All of a sudden, our offsite backup no longer works - retrospect sites there with "Preparing to execute..." Any help would be much appreciated, at this stage, I can't stop the current backup (that's hung) and will have to restart to try and stop retrospect sitting there. Our normal backups run fine so are not sure what is going on - I've found old posts (v7 and v8) but nothing more recent. How do we troubleshoot this issue? MAC OS 10.8.5 Server Retrospect 10.2.0 (201) Disk backups
  13. It's a lean and mean Linux web server - is there a command line version for Debian Linux?
  14. Thanks for that, we're using Retrospect 10.2.0 (201). I guess I thought that if OSX was handling the mounting, it's just another volume? Anyway, backing up websites is kind of a pain, it would be nice if Retrospect could use SFTP or SSH - having a backup of company assets in the normal backup (in addition to online backups) would be really useful.
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