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Defer on v10.5

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I see. I don't use the console, so wasn't really aware of the issue.

As I understand it, this is a cosmetic bug in the console. You also write "appear" deferred. Does that mean your scripts are actually running?

The kb points out that the console is (too) different in versions prior to 12.5, so if you are really affected by this problem, you will have to upgrade.

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skypitt and Lennart_T,

At the beginning of 2019 I was running Retrospect Mac 14.6.0 from a HDD on my Mac Pro.  I was still doing that because my workaround procedures for -530 bugs—which had not been very effective for the preceding month or so—had not seemed to work at all when Retrospect Tech Support had me run a test version of 15.0 with a supposed -530 bug fix and enhanced logging last summer, which I had done from an SSD on my Mac Pro.  I tried running 14.6.0 again on 7 January, but the "deferred" scripts would not back up "client" drives— only local drives.  That was still true after I upgraded the Console to the newly-released 14.6.2 version.  If you care, that's recounted in this post and the first paragraph of this post.

Then, acting precipitously on an e-mailed suggestion from Retrospect Tech Support that was really for a Support Case for another bug, I installed on my Mac Pro's SSD and deleted a couple of configuration files.  I had to recreate my scripts because of my over-zealous deletion of configuration files, but both the "deferred" bug and my -530 bugs disappeared—as recounted here and in the first 2 paragraphs below the quote here.  Finally I switched back to my HDD and deleted only one configuration file, after which 14.6.0 with the 14.6.2 Console ran without either the "deferred" bug or a -530 bug I couldn't get around—as recounted in the last 2 paragraphs below the quote here.

Therefore I've officially upgraded to as my production version of Retrospect Mac, although I'm currently using the 14.1 Client on my MacBook Pro to make sure I don't get -530 errors.  However I've filed Support Case #65274, suggesting in the Problem Statement that Retrospect Inc. allow Mac administrators with a license for a version older than 12 to upgrade to version 12.5—so they can then install the 14.6.2 Console to fix the "deferred" bug—for less than the price of upgrading their Editions to version 15.  It seems to me that getting some licensing income from these installations would be better than getting no licensing income, but maybe that type of business thinking is too sophisticated for the Silicon Valley area.:rolleyes:

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