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  1. My scripts all appear "Deffered" as of 2019 Just as in these threads: All the solutions I see on those threads apply to v12.5 and up, so I wasn't sure if it would apply to v10.5 or if I would be forced to upgrade
  2. I'm getting the Defer issue on my backups. Currently running Retrospect Console v10.5.... Is there anything I can do for such an old version, or am I going to be forced to upgrade? Thanks for any help
  3. Is it possible to create new catalog files in version 10 from 5.x sets? We've been using Retrospect 5.x for years, and just switched to Retrospect 10.0.1. I've read, and reread how to recreate catalogs from 6.x backup sets, but haven't seen any info for recreating from 5.x sets. When I try, I get the following screens: The 5.x backups reside on Exabyte VXA-2 tapes. Retrospect 10 'sees' the tape drive (through Firewire connection), but when I try to select a destination folder for the new catalog, I just receive a generic "An error occurred" Hardware stats: Mac Intel Quadcore running OS 10.6.8 Exabyte VXA-2 tapedrive connected through FireWire Any help? I have 10 years worth of data I'm trying to eventually move over to RDX drives (before the tape drive eventually dies), but can't do anything without rebuilding catalog files first.... edit: Additionally, FWIW, I've updated the firmware on the tape drive to what I believe to be the most recent version, and still receive the "Wrong version" message when browsing the storage devices (screenshot attached).
  4. Got it up and running. Had to uninstall the client software, then TRASH the preference file for it, then reinstall the client. Have another issue, but I'll create a new post....
  5. OK, I'm really confused now... I ran the "Client Uninstall" script on the client machine. Booted it with the OSX install disc, verified/fixed permissions. Restarted the machine, and re-installed Retrospect client. Now, after install, the client is not in the Applications folder!!!! Grrrrr...... I get the Retrospect client preferences when I open "System Preferences" but no actual client. When I run Retrospect from the other machine, it still see's that the client machine is there, but wont let be browse it. I've got three clients to set-up, but if I can't get one figured out, I don't want to mess-up the others.
  6. How would I check this? And no, the firewalls on all machines are turned off.
  7. Also, for what it's worth.... We were previously using Retrospect 5, which never gave us network issues, even when IP addresses were changed by the main server. And a quick description of our network (figure any info helps) The majority of our office is Windows based, except for the Art Dept. Main server feeds everyone except us. My four Macs (including the one running Retrospect) are on our own router, and are only fed mail/web access from the Windows server, so essentially, we are our own LAN.
  8. Multicast. All machines (client and "server") are desktop workstations, and have been restarted since initial set-up. I believe that our main server assigns the IP address, so when a machine is rebooted, the actual IP may change. For example: client is currently - but after restart it could end up or .27, etc (router is always
  9. I'm trying to set up a client, and every time I try to 'browse' the contents (to mark a favorite) I get a "Source unavailable or in use." message. The log on the script gives me "error -519 (network communication failed)" I can easily access the client machine through the finder, and freely move files around, and retrospect 'sees' the client on the network, but just won't access it. I'm assuming I'm just missing a network setting somewhere, but it appears to me everything should be working... client side has two internal drives (if that makes a difference) Client and server are both running OSX 10.6.8 Server workstation running Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) Client workstation running Retrospect Client 6.3.029 Any help?
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