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Error -562

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9 hours ago, toshy said:

What does this mean:

!Can't read state information, error -562 (network connection reset by peer)


""Connection reset by peer" is the TCP/IP equivalent of slamming the phone back on the hook. It's more polite than merely not replying, leaving one hanging. But it's not the FIN-ACK expected of the truly polite TCP/IP converseur."


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Thanks for the link. I now, sort of, know what it means but I don’t know why one particular volume on a client should repeatedly suffer from it. Can I cure it? It’s repeatedly stopping the backup of this volume...

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5 minutes ago, toshy said:

Can I cure it? 

Does this client have any problems with any other volume?

If "yes", I would check the network hardware and software.

If "no", I would check and repair the volume (with Apple's Disk Utility or something more powerful if you have).

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