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  1. Thanks for your reply. The client is running Mojave 10.14.6 and the server is 10.12.6. In the end I removed and reinstalled the client software which cleared that problem but now the Console shows duplicates of all volumes on one client (as in screenshot). Why? and what id the safest way to remove them as the daily backups are taking forever as Retrospect scans each volume in the list – although it seems to back up only the fist occurrence TIA Roger
  2. Retrospect 16.5.1 Suddenly, a volume on a retrospect client has become unavailable or 'busy'. On the client machine the volume appears as normal and is fully accessible. Selecting the volume and clicking remove doesn't work – is that because I can only remove the client and not a particular volume. Have resisted removing the client as unsure whether I would have to rebuild all scripts etc. Have tried switching the client control panel off and on, with no effect Any ideas?
  3. Running Retrospect 13 I have added a new disk to my setup (LaCie Porsche disk ex Apple store). It is partitioned into two volumes, neither of which show up in Retrospect, although they appear on desktop in OS 10.12.6 and are useable there. Have Disk Warriored them and both seem OK. Any ideas? Been through restarts etc to no avail. One volume is my Time Machine (which I do not want to backup in Retrospect) but the other is a dropbox disk containing 2tb photos, which I would like to backup. Roger
  4. Thanks for the link. I now, sort of, know what it means but I don’t know why one particular volume on a client should repeatedly suffer from it. Can I cure it? It’s repeatedly stopping the backup of this volume...
  5. What does this mean: !Can't read state information, error -562 (network connection reset by peer) it it keeps appearing when one drive on a client is being backed up. Restating the client does not cure it. thanks
  6. Twickland, Lennart, David – thanks for your replies - see below Twickland - that's good to know Lennart - there are no restrictions in the privacy pane of the Client preferences (on the client) David - I'll try to ignore the aggression in your first paragraph and give you a full account of what has been happening: I have two backup scripts which run on alternate days, backing up to separate local disk media sets, but otherwise they are identical. I have used them for years and occasionally they fail - in a logical way that is easily sortable, often with the help of this list. Recently each has failed to fully back up one client - it will backup the startup disk on that client (which is an external SSD) but the internal disk and another external fail with a -530 error. I can send you a screen shot if you don't believe me. Yesterday the client was upgraded from MacOS 10.11 to 10.12 and I took the opportunity to run DiskWarrior on all the disks. It found no reportable damage but in my experience it can correct directory errors that are not apparent. I then opened Retrospect and ran one of the scripts that was reporting errors. It operated perfectly, backing up all three disks on the client. These scripts are part of a series which run every (other) day; the Engine is not shut down between the operation of each script so none of what you describe in para 3 is relevant. The script which ran perfectly when triggered manually then operated automatically later that day. It failed to find the client or any of its drives reporting -530 errors for each drive (backup client not found). Again, I can send you screenshot of the log if you need it. All of the other clients on the script continue to be accessible to Retrospect Server and are backed up. Any suggestions? Thanks Toshy
  7. Retrospect 13.5, up to date client. Suddenly, after months/years of working normally, retrospect server is not seeing some drives on a client, although it can see and backs up the startup disk. One of the omitted drives is internal, the other external. I have restarted the Mac, reinstalled the client etc but nothing changes. If I forget the client drives in the console and then add them again do they have to be fully backed up or will the media set just add the changes? Thanks
  8. Thanks, here are screenshots for Network and Disk activity - hope these help The media set is a disk set
  9. here's a screen shot Still 'building' - nearly a week now
  10. One of my backup scripts started on Sunday with the log reporting "Normal backup using MonWedFriSun at 26/03/2017, 13:54:18 26/03/2017 13:54:22: Finished scanning backup set data files" Since then the Summary window for the running script has shown 'Building Catalog file' Now 5 days Should I stop it and do a manual rebuild of the catalog or just let it run its course - or is it really corrupted? Thanks
  11. Thanks again. On a machine on a different network I was able to create new scripts and favourite folders so I assumed that the misbehaving application must ne corrupted. I ran the uninstaller, downloaded a new copy of 13.5 and now all is well.
  12. Just checked – stopping and restarting Engine makes no difference....
  13. Thanks David. I don't know if your situation is similar to mine from your description - let me add some detail. I can add a Favourite Folder to any of my local drives, none of which have duplicate names. Both local hard drives already have favourite folders that are used by other scripts. My problem comes when I try to add a new script to use that newfolder – either using the File/New/New Script menu option or the +Add option on the console. The dialog box opens to name the script and choose the type of script and i fill in the options: then, when I click Add, the window closes and the console reverts to searching the server for a retrospect engine. This behaviour happens whatever kind of script I close; I do not reach the stage of choosing sources or destinations etc. I am not trying to Backup to a client drive, I want to Copy to a client drive - my introduction of Backup was just to illustrate that the 'crash' happened whatever kind of script I tried to create. I have twenty or so scripts or favourite folders – I know how to make and use them (although I have made some stupid mistakes over the last twenty years of using Retrospect) and I have checked that this behaviour is consistent whether creating a favourite folder on a local or a client machine, namely, that I can create such folders but when I go to create a new script to use them (or even to create a new backup script) Retrospect closes down and when it reopens the newly added Favourite Folders are gone. II have to say that this is the first time that I have tried to add a script or a favourite folder since upgrading to v13 (now 13.5) but all my other processes developed in previous versions have worked perfectly. I was hoping that a forum contributor might recognise this behaviour and attribute it to a corrupt preference file. Just about the only thing I haven't tried is stopping the Engine to see if that clears the problem. Will do this now but would still be grateful for any suggestions or pointers to whom to contact at Retrospect if this is a bug. Thanks
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