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Supported configuration question

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We are running retrospect multi-server for windows 12 and are looking to alter our backup environment. Essentially we want to know if it is supported to run retrospect inside a VMWare instance. Specific questions are:


1.       Is Retrospect supported when running on a Microsoft Windows 2012 VM? Physical host is running VMware ESXi 6.0u2

2.       Is Retrospect supported with VMware Passthrough for external SAS devices? SAS controller is an HPE P441 RAID controller, SAS tape drive is an external HPE StoreEver LTO-7 Ultrium 15000

3.       How does licensing differ if running Retrospect in a VM, but backing up desktops only (and not VMs)



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Retrospect Inc. now has a product named Retrospect Virtual. which you can read about here.  I don't know anything about virtual environments, but the product sounds like an adaption of Retrospect Windows Multi-Server.  If you look at "Supported Environments" at the bottom of the Web page, blm14's desired environment seems to be supported.


I in no way work for Retrospect Sales (I'm a Forums volunteer), so I suggest blm14 talk to them.  Since the fact that blm14 is running Retrospect Windows 12 implies that he/she just paid for an upgrade, maybe he/she could arrange a trade-in at a reduced cost.  By gadfrey, as of 10 March there's now a Knowledge Base article  entitled "Licensing Examples for Retrospect Virtual"!  There's also a Knowledge Base article entitled "Competitive Analysis - Retrospect Virtual", showing that it has features comparable to software that I dare name on this forum only as V and A and SC—plus an alternate mode of pricing and the ability to run on third-party cloud providers (as well as support them, which V also has). 


So now we pitiful users of Retrospect Non-Virtual know where the Retrospect Inc. Engineers have been spending a fair amount of their time.  I hope that hasn't interfered too much with the fixing of bugs and the updating of documentation for Retrospect Non-Virtual Windows and Retrospect Mac.


P.S.: As of yesterday, 4 April, there are now pieces of a Retrospect Virtual User's Guide here.  It's pretty sketchy, so I assume it builds on the administrator's knowledge of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide.  Still no announcement by Mayoff, nor downloads, so this seems like a stealth rollout of the product.  Retrospect Inc. Sales will—I'm sure—be happy to take blm14's money, though.

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