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Retrospect Desktop Version ERROR [!] *RefObjectFactory: unknown object to create: id:51, refnum:7,847, consig:"VMC1"


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I have Retrospect Desktop Version running on my Windows 10 machine and I'm getting an error in the retrospect logs.


Has anyone see an error like this in their logs?

[!] *RefObjectFactory: unknown object to create: id:51, refnum:7,847, consig:"VMC1"

My background is with Retrospect Express 7 (a long time ago) and so when I decided that I needed to get off "Cloud storage", I purchased Retrospect Desktop with five client backup. It went okay for a while, I'm having some problems right now.  I have an old 8GB Plextor NAS storage array that stores my backups and I've run into a problem where retrospect starts up and stalls (never moves forward and never completes the backup).  I found the error above in the retrospect log today.


I'm not sure if the problem is on the backup data or my laptop drive.  The behavior that I see is that retrospect starts up and immediately wants to create a new member (even when the previous member is not full--it can actually be empty).  After it creates the new member, nothing else happens.  The backup stalls. I've tried to transfer the backup to a new backup set. I've tried to groom the backup set, and I still get the same behavior of trying to create a new member.  Right now I have a backup set that has three members: the first is 98% and the 2nd and 3rd are 100% free and when I start up, Retrospect wants to create a 4th backup set.  The NAS storage has plenty of free space.


Any clues or pointers of where to look?



Alan Edwards


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