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OSX restore user profile ?

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I have a mac with drive failure. User profile is backed up. I can change drive and reload the OS, but cannot find clear documentation on how to restore the user profile.

Do I create another account, install retrospect, and restore user profile, or
Do I create user with same name, and restore into that profile ?
Retrospect 13.5
Backup to NAS
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Hi Lennart


Thanks for the reply.

What I did:

- fitted new drive and load OSX and updates to level it was before

- created user with same name as before\

- load retro client, log into user profile and restore

- reboot - just about eveyhing OK (some network setting lost)

- load applications (prefs of user picked up correctly)

- Load and run Onyx - run all maintenance scripts, but especially the cleaning scripts helped a lot


Result - functional drive.


New backup will be full drive, because reloading Apps took a while


Retrospect did the job perfectly.


Only saw this morning a post on the Retrospect blog that did a similar scenario, except restored first, and then created user.

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