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  1. I have been working through problem with Retrospect support, and final diagnostic is that my config is faulty, and I have to start from scratch. Anybody ever had to do this ? Not a fun thing - I have 175 TB in my storage map - 36 scripts, 44 sources, 41 Mediasets (backups is multiple NAS, and LTO tapedrive) I think the steps will be: - reinstall - add clients and sources - stuck on next bit ( how to re-use existing data on D2D, and D2Tape) Any advise ?
  2. I am upgrading drive of Retrospect Server 15.6 on a MacPro, and deciding between SSD or SATA drive. Only benefit of SSD is speed. I am leaning towards a WD Black drive - sustained throughput, and reliability. Any thoughts ?
  3. After installing Retrospect on another mac to use as console to connect to server, I noticed that server install does not have Smart report folders in sidebar. Tried re-installing, but still no folders: "Recent activities, 24hr schedule, No Backup in 7 days, Never Backed up, Errors and Warnings, Active Scripts, Inactive Scripts" Any idea if there is a folder I can drag over, or how to get this smart report folders back ? Mac Retrospect v 15.6.0 (125)
  4. I have been having problem backing up shares on Qnap and Synology workstations. Symptoms: Retrospect hang with beach-ball icon, force quit on activity monitor doesn't help, whole system has to be rebooted ( a pain when working remotely) In console log there will be continuous messages of "afpfs_DoReconnect" loops Have got a updated version of Retrospect from support, which worked for one backupset, but with worrying log files. Solution: In my case it was a assumption by retrospect that I run a Windows server with workgroups. If NAS device is, with user admin | adminpassword, connect to share as user=\admin (local user), and password = adminpassword Since doing this have run backups succesfully, and log not full of "Not done after 30s", or "error -1011, API request" Hope this helps someone, as it got really frustrating playing with retro.ini files. My config : Retrospect Server 15, running on Mac Pro Xeon, backing up to LTO6 via SAS
  5. Hi Lennart Thanks for the reply. What I did: - fitted new drive and load OSX and updates to level it was before - created user with same name as before\ - load retro client, log into user profile and restore - reboot - just about eveyhing OK (some network setting lost) - load applications (prefs of user picked up correctly) - Load and run Onyx - run all maintenance scripts, but especially the cleaning scripts helped a lot Result - functional drive. New backup will be full drive, because reloading Apps took a while Retrospect did the job perfectly. Only saw this morning a post on the Retrospect blog that did a similar scenario, except restored first, and then created user.
  6. I have a mac with drive failure. User profile is backed up. I can change drive and reload the OS, but cannot find clear documentation on how to restore the user profile. Do I create another account, install retrospect, and restore user profile, or Do I create user with same name, and restore into that profile ? Retrospect 13.5 Backup to NAS
  7. Same here. found this : http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/149892-move-media-setexpand-capacity/page__p__252425__hl__transfer__fromsearch__1#entry252425
  8. In source list I selected older agents, and applied update to Update runs OK, but still shows old version in Retrospect. Went to check on client macs, and updated version. I have clicked on refresh, and restarted Retrospect ?
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