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Media Member HD Bad - Process for Recovery

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We have a Media Set that is comprised of 5 Hard Drives that span about 5 years of backups. Unfortunately, one of the Media Member HD's appears to have gone bad (spins but won't mount). It is a 2TB drive, that is member #2 of 5, covering data from 2013-14.


1) If we can send the drive out and recover some/most/all of the data, it will come back on a new drive. How do we 'merge' this drive back into our existing Media Set so it takes the place of the former HD?? Is there a difference if all of the data cannot be recovered?


2) If we cannot recover the data (or determine that it's too expensive), what would happen if we tried to run a 'Copy Media Set' function to back up this Media Set when it came to asking for member #2?? We ultimately want to create a duplicate back-up of this Media Set in case this happens again, but are unsure of how to handle it when only partial data would be available.


Thanks! We're moving to having more redundancy so this won't happen again. Frustrating thing is that the drive was sitting unused in a safe, and it hadn't been used that much for a relatively robust HD (WD Black). It wasn't dropped or anything as far as I'm aware...

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I can answer question 2:

You can set member 2 as "missing" and the copy will then ask for member 3 and continue.


As for question 1, I THINK you can go into media set properties, go to members and point out/select the "new" drive as member 2. As I wrote: That is what I "think" as I do not "know".


One more option for question 1 that might (should?) be possible:

You can rebuild the catalog file, starting with member 1. When that finishes, Retrospect will ask if there is a member 2 and that's when you select the new drive. Then when Retrospect asks for a new member, just select member 3-5 in order.


Finally: Have you tried Apple's Disk Utility and see if the drive can be repaired there? It might just be some glitch in the disk header.

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I have a similar problem. I decided to recycle my media set because of unrepairable faults in the data. For months I had a phantom member appear in the Media set list - it was empty and did not exist on any hard drive so I set ti to lost. When I recycled the set the existing volumes all appeared including this phantom set. I've now 'forgotten' all of the volumes except the first but ~I cannot get rid of this phantom volume, which is numbered 2 in the set. What will happen when space runs out on the first volume if I cannot point to the physical whereabouts f member 2. Am I committed forever to having an empty and non exist member No. 2 in this set?



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