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Retrospect Wkgp 6, Mac OS 10.3.5 and 7.6.1

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Does anyone know how to set up a client PM 8600 (OS 7.6.1) for successful backup to a G4 running Retrospect Workgroup for Mac v. 6.0.193 in OS X 10.3.5? The PM keeps freezing and shows the message that there was a system error 3 (illegal instruction error). The PM's Retrospect client is v. 5.1.141, OpenTransport is v. 1.1.2, File Sharing Extension is v.7.6.2, AppleShare is v. 3.6.4. Retrospect seems to scan without trouble, but client crashes when file transfer should begin.


When trying to file share from the PM to any computer running OS X over AppleTalk, we get the message that the AFP version is incompatible (though AppleTalk is fine with OS 9 or earlier computers). Is this a separate problem?


We'd update the PM's OS except it collects data from some irreplaceable equipment.

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