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Retrospect "pause" while backing up OS X Clients

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Here's an ongoing and very frustrating problem:


Our backup server (Dual G4 1.25, 1.75 GB RAM, OS X 10.3.5, Retrospect 6.0.193 w/ current 5.2 RDU, Cybernetics AIT-3 30 tape loader with current firmware) has a performance problem when backing up Mac OS X clients. OS 9 and Windows clients go smoothly -- scan, compare, and then within 15-30 seconds the backup begins. The average backup takes about 7-8 minutes.


OS X clients, on the other hand, cause Retrospect to stall for 10-30 MINUTES between the end of the comparison pass and the start of actual data transfer. It sits on the "preparing to execute" dialog with the activity cursor going; click anywhere in Retrospect and get the rainbow cursor. Retrospect is so completely locked in this mode that you can't even stop the backup. Meanwhile, CPU usage is idling near zero. These stalls are causing us to overrun our backup windows and miss lots of client backups.


Has anyone else seen any similar behavior? I'm just about to pick up everything and move it over to the PC, but I would hate to waste all the money spent on Mac 6.0 licenses and clients...



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