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error -1116


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My automatic backups stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10 and also upgraded to Retrospect 11. 


I keep getting the message in the operations log (errors -1116 and -1101). See attached file.


I can running the backup manually, but not automatically at a set time.


I would appreciate any suggestion.






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Are you using the Launcher Service to run the scheduled backup or are you leaving the Main application open to allow the scheduled backup to run?


Error -1116 translates to "Can't access network volume" which may be a permissions issue depending on how Retrospect is running the scheduled backup.

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Well, I looked at the guide - 642 pages.  I went to: Preferences -> Execution -> Security and checked the box "Always Run Retrospect as the Specific User.  I filled in the boxes: User, Password, and Log onto.


Now the backup will not run unless I leave Retrospect open all the time. 


Is there another box to check, so I can turn Retrospect off and have the backups run automatically?

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I  read page 19 and created a Local Account with Administrative privileges.  This didn't help the  problem - Retrospect script doesn't backup unless Retrospect is running.


I notice when I shut down Retrospect the Exit box comes up, but at the same time the Activity monitor has this option at the bottom: "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" that gets automatically checked.  In other words I can not shut down Retrospect with out this box being checked.


Could this be the problem?

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It could be there is some corruption in the config77.dat file which holds the configuration information. Unfortunately the only way to correct the corruption is to exit Retrspect and delete/rename the config77.dat file. When you start Retrospect again the configuration will be restored from the configs.xml configuration backup file. (If this does not correct the corruption you will also need to delete/rename the configs.xml file along with config77.dat and start again from scratch.)


After I upgraded from 10.5 to 11 I am no longer able to change the 'Options' for any of my scripts but can still change the 'Sources', 'Destinations', 'Selecting' and 'Schedule'. The cryptic error message I get is "Provided login information is incomplete" which is strange when you consider there is nowhere to enter "login information" within 'Options'.

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Where is the config77.dat file located?  I can not find it.


The config77.dat and configs.xml files are located in the "C:\ProgramData\Retrospect" folder. If you don't have 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' enable in File Explorer's view preferences you can access this hidden folder by:

  1. Pressing WindowsKey + r to open a 'Run' dialog
  2. Enter C:\ProgramData\Retrospect for 'Open:'
  3. Click 'OK' to open the folder in File Explorer
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