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Error 1124 invalide NTFS data - but there is no NTFS volume

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A customer had a bad crash with his RAID-System but after I did the repair (change disks, repair filesystem, etc.) everything looks fine, even Time Machine backups the RAID-System. Since then Retrospect refuses to backup data from this Volume with error "-1.124 invalid NTFS data" but it's an OS X server there are no NTFS formated volumes mounted.


Any idea?


The catalog files, setup, etc. reside on a system volume (different hardware) so this data was not damaged when the RAID break. The files that are shared by the server reside on the RAID and this volume was damaged and has to be repaired - but after the repair al seams okay.


My idea is to delete the mediaset and the catalogs and start from scratch but maybe there is a possibility to get over this error with less work.



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I quote rhwalker. 

Please provide:

(1) complete version number of Retrospect

(2) complete version number of the OS

(3) complete description of hardware being used.

(4) complete description of the steps you are doing

(5) complete description of the problem




Number 3 is most important of the above.
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