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  1. Oh sorry - i forgot to mention: Retrospect 15.6.1 The Knowledge Base article discribes the standard procedure - that is not new to me - and this does not work! If tried it on two different macs: one with a fresh install of Mojave updated to 10.14.2 and another one that came with High Sierra and updated to 10.14.2. As soon as I try to add any app to full disk access the list is emptied and I can not add any app. I think this is a macOS bug but hoped that someone here found a workaround. Bye, thanks, eweri
  2. Hello! I am having the problem that I can not add any app to full disk access. Looks like a bug in Mojave 10.14.2 - does anybody has a solution or a workaround? Thanks, eweri
  3. Hello! Because of the really reliable server services in OS X I setup a script, that resets ACLs and POSIX permission every morning at a specific network share. Since running Retrospect 12.5 the customer reports that the backup media is full after only 4-5 days. I looked into the protocols and saw that exactly the part of the volume where I set permissions every morning is backup completely. Versions before 12 did not show this effect. So I think its not problem by my setup it must be a bug. This is a really huge bug, because every OS X server admin has to set/reset permissions from time to time. If you use the function "propagate permissions" with the server admin tool "Server.app" it leads to backup the entire file tree. I expected that only META data and permissions are copied and not the whole file. Please enlighten me
  4. Hello! A customer had a bad crash with his RAID-System but after I did the repair (change disks, repair filesystem, etc.) everything looks fine, even Time Machine backups the RAID-System. Since then Retrospect refuses to backup data from this Volume with error "-1.124 invalid NTFS data" but it's an OS X server there are no NTFS formated volumes mounted. Any idea? The catalog files, setup, etc. reside on a system volume (different hardware) so this data was not damaged when the RAID break. The files that are shared by the server reside on the RAID and this volume was damaged and has to be repaired - but after the repair al seams okay. My idea is to delete the mediaset and the catalogs and start from scratch but maybe there is a possibility to get over this error with less work. Bye
  5. Hello! A customer wanted to backup his MacBook Pro with "Proaktive"-Backup to a Windows server running Retrospect 8 for Windows. A few weeks ago I setup everything and installed the client at his MacBook Pro but backups never completed. So I removed the "BOOTCAMP" volume from the list of volumes to be backuped and left "Macintosh HD" volume only. But still backups never completed and after some time the customer called that Retrospect client does not startup anymore. I looked for the MacBook Pro and saw that launchd tries to start retroclient but this always stops with error 2. So I stopped launchd and looked around for damaged preference files or something like that - the only thing I found was "retroclient.state" and the Retrospect directory within Application Support. So I removed some files and started launchd again with the same result - every 10 second restart, crash with error 2, .... So I took the uninstaller and let it remove the retroclient completely and tried to reinstall the client and was very surprised that an error message at the end of the installation process occurred. The client was not installed completely. I removed it again, rebooted the system and give it another try - same result. I repaired permissions with disk utility and rebooted again, tried to reinstall from fresh downloaded installer - same problem. I removed it again, went into Terminal I tried to install via cli - same result - at the end of the installation process comes a unspecified error message. There no messages at console or system.log. Then I tried the same with Gatekeeper switched off - same result. BTW. Now it is possible to start the retroclient, but the server can not connect to it because no password was setup during installation. So at the end of the day I ended with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with no running retroclient installed. Every hint is welcome, bye eweri
  6. Hello! I just got the same problem with Client 10.0.0(174) and Mountain Lion 10.8.2. First I stopped the retroclient from restarting, remove the retroclient.state, tried to restart the retroclient but still the same problem. Uninstalled the client - tried to reinstall an now the installer gives an error at the end of the installation. Reboot the machine tried again, same problem - but I have installed the client a few weeks ago without a problem. Bye, eweri
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