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Avid ISIS Storage not visible on Retrospect 10.5

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Good Morning

I have a licence of retrospect 10.5 on MacOS 10.8.5, soon to be upgraded.

Meantime, we installed an Avid ISIS Storage (no, it's not a terrorist group) to archive and restore.

Unfortunately, looks like Retrospect is not able to see Avid workspaces at all.

The workspaces are managed through a client, and aren't network share smb/afp.


I find this curious, because instead, Apple Xsan volumes are recognised properly, and they are also mounted through a client.


Is there a way to make Retrospect 10.5 see those volumes?

Or a more recent version will be able to work with those workspaces?


Thank you very much for your time


Best Regards



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Just for info, i did multiple tests.

There's no way to let Retrospect for Mac, to see the volumes of Avid ISIS, not even the trial of 12.5


Instead, Retrospect 10.5 for windows recognise them (as network storage, despite the fact they are not), and both backup and restore it works.


Now i'll have to think about a migration from Mac to Win licence.

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