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Encrypting/Hiding Client Backup Data

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Is it possible to encrypt and hide data from each client system individually? Our developers use their laptops for personal use as well and there is some concern regarding their private data being viewable on the backup system itself.


I couldn't find anything other than setting each backup to go to a different encrypted backup set.




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I don't think it is possible to encrypt by client. If you don't want an encrypted backup set per client, the developers have two options:

1) Continue as today and take the risk that the few people with access can see the private files.

2) Put the private files in a folder (or a few folders) and (in the Retro client) exclude those folders from being backed up. And take the risk of losing the files, unless the developers themselves put private backup on private USB-sticks or whatever.


I realize, of course, that none of the above is an ideal solution.

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3) Create an encrypted volume using Veracrypt (Truecrypt replacement) or some other software. The volume size shouldn't be too big, enough for the private files and some growth. Drawback: user has to be signed out of the volume for the file not to be locked, and user needs to log in to the volume to use it.

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